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Data Visualization

The data visualization tool allows users to slice and view ATS enrollment data in a variety of ways. Through this tool, ATS has made information already publically available from the annual data tables now accessible in one location and across years. Users have access to three types of visualizations and a variety of slicers, such as primary denominational family, country, and ecclesial family of the school, as well as denominationality and Carnegie classification. Data can also be visualized by a few characteristics of the student, such as race and gender.

Watch these short video clips to learn how to use the enrollment module on the data visualization tool or how to discover your school's 30-year enrollment history.

What questions can the data address?
• See trends
• Explore trends according to type of school
• Look at the intersection of gender/race/degree category and any of the school slicers
• Drill down to a specific degree category and explore all of the above
• Click on one year or multiple years
• And much, much more!

Note: raw data can't be downloaded directly from these data visualization sets (due to security reasons), but individual researchers can request full datasets.