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Member Schools

Evangelical Theological Seminary

121 South College Street
Myerstown, PA 17067
p: 717-866-5775
f: 717-866-4667
Evangelical Congregational Church
Member School Representatives:
Anthony L Blair
717-866-5775, 717-628-2136
Vice President and Dean of Academic Programs:
James Ehrman
Commission Staff Liaison: 
Tom Tanner
Fall 2019 Data:
160 (127.7 FTE)
Faculty Full Time FTE: 
Faculty Part Time FTE: 
Total Faculty FTE: 
Approved Degrees: 
MA (Bible), MA (Religion), MA in Leadership Development, MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, MA in Ministry, MA in Spiritual Formation and Direction, MDiv, ThD
Harrisburg, PA
Approved Degrees: MDiv
Approved for Comprehensive Distance Education: 
Year of Initial Accreditation: 
Year-term of Last Comprehensive Evaluation Visit: 
Year-month (subject) of next report back(s): 
2022-04 (Exception to Degree Program Requirement)
Accreditation Notes: 
In February 2018, the Board approved a four-year experiment, thereby allowing the school to offer its ThD degree through a combination of intensive courses on campus and faculty-directed individual instruction. In June 2018, the Board of Commissioners approved an exception to residency requirements, thereby allowing the school to offer the MDiv and MA in Ministry degree programs completely online. In January 2020, the Board of Commissioners voted to approve the school's request for a change in ownership and governing control, resulting in withdrawal from accredited membership in the ATS Commission on Accrediting, effective June 30, 2022.