• ATS presidents gather to share wisdom and resources

    Nearly 60 presidents focused on issues such as team building, faculty relations, financial management, institutional advancement and vision, and leadership in challenging times.

  • Veteran administrators offer perspectives for new deans

    At the seventh annual ATS School for New Deans, three former deans on the ATS staff reflected on the vocation of the academic dean and the tactics that kept them going. (Artist: Janet McKenzie)...

  • Enrollment projections suggest continued long-term shifts among degree programs

    With 85% of schools reporting, the news is not so much about totals as it is about distribution.

  • Luce Fellows in Theology Program ends on a high note

    As this quarter-century tradition draws to a close, ATS extends its gratitude to the Henry Luce Foundation for its extraordinary contribution to theological scholarship and discourse.

  • Six months and counting: an update on redeveloping the Standards and Procedures

    Well into the two-year process, Tom Tanner reports on a year of "listening, researching, and reflecting."

  • Dancing with wolves: recent webinar helps faculty navigate peer reviews

    Two veteran publishers present principles and practices for success in a sometimes-daunting process.

  • Chaplaincy Innovation Lab helps spiritual caregivers do their best work

    The think tank hosted at Brandeis University supports research, teaching, and the provision of spiritual care in a range of settings.

  • We’re listening: an update on redeveloping the ATS Commission Standards and Procedures

    The Redevelopment Task Force is well into the process of gathering constituent input and is actively seeking more.

  • Five things we’ve learned about assessing personal and spiritual formation

    A survey reveals who’s taking charge of formation, where it is happening, and 28 different tools being used to assess it.

  • New assessment resources now available

    The latest video and print tools are designed to help schools with the critical yet challenging work of educational assessment, including An Assessment Workbook for Roman Catholic Seminaries.

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This site is designed to provide resources for all those interested in theological education--faculty, administrators, students, and the public.

The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) is a membership organization of more than 270 graduate schools that conduct postbaccalaureate professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. The Commission on Accrediting of ATS accredits the schools and approves the degree programs they offer.

In addition, ATS Programs and Services offers educational events and other resources designed to assist member schools with identification of  best practices, development of peer networks, production of research, and exploration of data. See upcoming event offerings below or search under the Resources tab above.

The ATS membership welcomes schools in the Christian and Jewish faiths and includes the full range of Christian denominations--including schools in mainline and evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions--as well as multidenominational and nondenominational schools. Schools representing other faiths and other organizations interested in theological education may become Affiliates of ATS.