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Upcoming Events

Oct 12 to Dec 18

By registration; This online event is designed for academic deans in their first or second years of service at an ATS member school. Asynchronous course modules created by the ATS staff and synchronous sessions with the staff will provide new deans with important information and nurture development of the skills that will make their work more effective and fulfilling. It will acquaint new deans with the resources available to theological schools through ATS, facilitate connections among academic deans serving within the distinctive world of theological education, and continue the process of formation into the vocation of the academic deanship. #ATSNewDeans2020



Dec 3

By registration; Are you in need of a moment of Sabbath? As ATS student personnel, we have been experiencing and leading communities through an increasing number of crises in recent years including racialized hatred, xenophobia, unraveling social safety nets, climate change, natural disasters, and the list goes on and on. And now a global pandemic costing some their jobs, their homes, and their lives. COVID-19 has required personnel to quickly pivot to new platforms for learning, community, and responsible leadership—all while continuing to maintain boundaries among work, home, school, recreation, and place of worship. In this webinar, participants will be called into a time of sabbath, communal rest, and deep listening to the approaching season of winter using a meditation of Howard Thurman as our guide.