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Upcoming Events

Sep 29 to Oct 1

By invitation. The Global Forum of Theological Educators (GFTE) will hold a synchronous gathering via Zoom focused on the theme: Conversations on theological education as formation: Practices, contexts, futures. A Canvas site will provide participants with opportunities to connect asynchronously and access to meeting related resources in advance of the gathering.


Oct 5 to Oct 7

By registration; Innovate, Learn, Thrive, Connect . . . Looking to build capacity in enrollment management at your institution? Join us for a three-day virtual event focused on strengthening skills, developing leadership, and connecting with others committed to growing and thriving in the areas of admissions and enrollment management.

(deadline: September 21, 2021)


Oct 21 to Oct 22

By registration; Open to all ATS member schools. The goal of this gathering is for the schools who participated in the ATS Cultivating Educational Capacity CORE Project (CEC)—focused on educating students in cultural competence—to share their learnings and discuss the application of those learnings with other member schools.


  1. To engage theological leaders in conversation around good practices for educating students to minister in a racially diverse world
  2. To provide opportunities for the CEC project schools to discuss specific strategies they  are using in equipping institutional faculty and staff to engage
  3. To share examples of how theological schools can implement programmatic strategies aimed at developing their capacities for preparing students to serve racially diverse ministerial contexts
  4. To identify learnings from the CEC school project strategies that are applicable to other ATS members schools



Nov 16 to Nov 18

By registration; This year’s event for financial officers of ATS schools is being designed around the theme Telling your School’s Financial Story. As enrollment and financial pressures mount, it becomes imperative that theological school leaders tell their stories in an honest and compelling manner to ensure that their resources are successfully supporting their current and future missions. This three-day event will include both asynchronous and synchronous sessions using Canvas and Zoom to give participants the tools and resources to build their stories and to learn the importance of sharing it effectively with various audiences. #ATSCFOS2021