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Upcoming Events

Apr 28

By registration; The ATS Technology in Theological Education Group (TTEG) will host this free, moderated, roundtable discussion for those who serve in IT roles at ATS member schools. Participants will have an opportunity to speak and engage on the various topics with peers from other member schools or affiliate organizations.


Online via Zoom
May 17 to May 22

By registration; Moving into your professional "second half" comes with questions about the legacy you will eventually leave. In this vocational season, the pressures of attaining tenure and rank promotion are no longer the preoccupation they were in the first years of your journey as faculty. Having reached a halfway point in your career, you are in the position to review and perhaps reshape your vocation as a theological educator and take on important leadership roles within your school. You are also poised to make an impact on broader audiences, particularly those outside the academy. In this time of significant changes within the world, the church, and theological education, how will you take on the responsibility of guiding important changes in your institution? How might your gifts best be used to serve the mission of your school and the needs of society? How should your own vocation develop within the context of that mission and broader publics? This year's gathering has been designed both to help you discern your lasting legacy and to provide you with the opportunity to craft a product toward that legacy. Choose between two options for this valuable intensive—attend to your own professional development and be done before Memorial Day!


Canvas and Online via Zoom