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Guidelines for Renewing Associate Membership

The ATS Procedures stipulate, with regard to associate membership, “At the end of each five-year term of its Associate Membership, if the institution has not petitioned the Board of Commissioners for candidate for accredited status, it shall make a comprehensive report to the ATS Board of Directors, petitioning for renewal as an Associate Member.” (Bulletin, part 1, “Procedures Related to Membership in the Association,” II.C.4.)

The Association grants associate membership on the recommendation of the Board of Directors. The board bases its recommendation on an Institutional Application for Associate Membership and the report following a staff visit. The purpose of the petition for renewal is to demonstrate to the board that the institutional character that was evident at the time Associate Membership was granted is still intact, that the institution has been attending to the issues identified in the staff report, and that the long-term institutional intention remains to seek accredited membership.

The report should consist minimally, therefore, of three parts:

  1. Review of the eight criteria for associate membership (Bulletin, part 1, “Procedures Related to Membership in the Association of Theological Schools, I.A. through H.), indicating whether there have been any significant changes in the policies, practices, or characteristics presented in the original application.
  2. Review of concerns in the report of the staff visit or the board action, if any, indicating what steps the institution has taken in response.
  3. Affirmation of the continued commitment of the institution to meet the responsibilities of Associate Membership, with the eventual goal being the realization of accredited membership.

It would be appropriate to adduce other information, relevant to the renewal of associate membership. It should be possible adequately to address these issues in approximately ten pages.